Stay Tuned  for ICC Switch – Intelligent Call Center System will born soon

In today’s world, it is impossible to successfully conduct and develop business without a deep and scrupulous analysis, both internal management of the company and market research of companies engaged in business. Managers of companies always have an acute need for understanding the effectiveness of employees of the company, the effectiveness of their use of working time. Even more, they need to analyze the problems arising in the process of negotiations between the employees of the company and its clients, in the timely resolution of conflict and controversial situations, which will improve the quality of services provided to the client. It contributes to the expansion of the client base, optimization and minimization of production costs and costs when doing business. Of particular importance is the opportunity, based on the analysis of requirements and suggestions of customers, how to improve their service, and the ability to develop new products and services needed in the market. The decision of these and many other issues and problems is called upon to implement the Intelligent Call Center, which differs significantly from the Call Centers offered in the market, due to newly created unique modules that provide users with a wide range of effective opportunities and which currently do not exist on the market services.

Phone Number Information And Validator


We have put small simple tool for Number Validation that can help to see information about specific numbers you enter and check their validity . More options on this matter will follow . Stay Tuned